About Us


I, Deepak Kumar Chaudhry, am working in the field of astrology since 20 years with the blessings of god. I get enlightened through ‘‘God’’ and providing relief in the multiple directions of life to my clients/ disciples by giving direction by means of “Self Pooja”. Persons by doing Self Pooja are getting direction to change the thought process and karma. It makes the person tension free and healthy.

My clients/ disciples hails from various spheres of life ranging from civil services (IAS, IFS), bank officers, engineers, doctors, businessmen, etc. not only from India but from abroad (Canada, USA, Scotland) also.

God bless us and all


I, Sangeeta Chaudhry, wife of Deepak Kumar Chaudhry am working with my husband since last 20 years in the field of astrology. I am encouraging my husband to go ahead in the field of astrology. I am taking care of “Nakshatra Kuti” by maintaining its record and doing all type of calculations in making horoscope. Our mission is to enlighten the person with the blessing of god and motivating individual for self pooja.

God bless us and all

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