For Centuries, humans have looked to heavens for guidance & support. Astrology is a powerful science to understand ourselves, others and the happenings around us. So, get the astrology based spiritual guidance to achieve your destiny, resolve your problems and help to accomplish your goals through self worshiping, under the guidance of Nakshatra Kuti by Smt. Sangeeta Chaudhry, C/o Shri Deepak Chaudhry.

It is relevant to mention here that, when a child is born, planets situated in the horoscope at various different houses gives full strength of the respective planets, so every child seems very beautiful and attractive. However, as the child grows up moves away from God, he loses his own astrological strength which starts creating problems in various aspects of his/her life.

People think that the performance of duty is only worship, but it is not true. In our opinion, worship includes the performance of duty as well as Mantrochar, Hawan and Daan of respective Gods.  These things improve the spiritual feelings of love with God, mankind as well as himself. These things are scientifically needed to activate the resonators to maintain blood circulation and nervous system of human body which makes the human beings healthy. Every religion has its own Mantras and modes of Daan which develop the spiritual feelings.Worship of respective God at the right time towards right direction, under the guidance of proper Guru/Teacher gives excellent results. 

Guru is a Guarantor between person concerned & God. Astrological Guru knows the potential of soul as per the Horoscopes, so he can direct & regulate the lifestyle of the person concerned & prayer in proper direction to achieve the desired results. Guru can direct & guide the person concerned about the worship of respective concerning God. A man can pray for himself in well mannered way as per his need with the respective God under the proper guidance.

It is relevant to mention here that THE WORSHIP IS DIFFERENT FROM THE TANTRA SADHANA.  It provides positive divine energy to person concerned which regulates the lifestyle of the same.Every one of us has been doing the Pooja’s of various God/Godesses for a long time but with no/very little results.  Sometimes even negative results also.Know the directions on how to get your worship accepted & get the results. This will enable you to maintain and utilize your potential to maximum level.

Let the saying
“What mind can conceive it can achieve” be true for you too.

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