Right Time—Right Move—Success Guaranteed
Right time—Wrong Move—Failure/Frustration Inevitable
Wrong time—Right Move—Failure/Frustration Inevitable

By the Grace of God, all of us in this world are blessed with one or the other qualities.  Sometimes, we are not even aware of it.  Its like a child/an artist, who doesn’t know, what he/she possesses, until a Teacher/Guide spots in him/her & nurture it.

All of us in this world are having one or the other problems.  We may think sometimes, that why the problems are coming to me.  Its not like that.  All of us during our different phases of life have come across different type of problems.  Sometimes its because of our own act & sometimes we feel why its like that, I have not done any harm to anybody, but still I have to face problems.  We are unable to understand the reasons behind it.  Like for studying, we need a Teacher, who teaches us & guide us through different phases of life. As we fall sick, we immediately go to Doctor for the treatment.

Similarly, for some issues/happenings in our life, which we are not able to understand, we need a Guru to explain.
We provide & try to overcome the problems being faced by an individual in various fields like Finance, Education, Carrier, Marriage, family & Health etc…etc… by way of some PUJAs/MANTRAs.

We can assure you a good Financial Status, a Happy & Peaceful Family life, A good Education & Career & of course a Good Health.


Finance has an important role in our society. It provides us status in our society. Every one of us wants to earn more and more money and to be rich and strong on financial ground. Each one of us has capacity to earn money from the different sources.  Somebody may be good in Education other may be good in Business/Art etc.. etc.. It depends on the planetary position of a person when he is born, time and place, as well as the present planetary position, called “Gotcher”.

We earn money on the basis of potential or calibre received from the planetary position at the time of birth. The planetary positions keep on changing, depending on the surroundings and circumstances, time to time. The potential and capacity a person possess, since birth can be increased by way of “PUJA”.

Through worship of God by MANTRAs, the person may create favourable vibrations and resonance to en-hance the own capacity or potential received since birth. It purifies our soul as well as thought process. This process increases the force of attraction which helps us to increase the source of income and achieving goal in life. We suggest worship to a person for enhancing calibre, potential and depth to earn more and more money from his capacity. This process increases the income, he becomes more financially strong & give him a mental satisfaction.

It can be used to increase our energy or potential in accordance with the astrological strength i.e. in right direction. We can live a satisfactory & comfortable life. Every financial crisis is the lesson to use the energy according to astrological strength in right way. It is necessary to learn this lesson to earliest.  Earlier, the better.

By way of MANTRAs/PUJAs, one is bound to increase his Financial Status irrespective of Religion/Nationality/Cast etc..etc…

Education and Career

A civilised society, educated people and active people in the society have different type of calibre, potential and expertise in a specific area. Each one of us is a unit to contribute the society through our own capacity. The interest of a person depends on the planetary position at the time of birth and the blessings, astrological strength provided by different planets. Society provides us a platform to enhance our calibre, potential and skill for the welfare of society. We help people to avoid confusions pertaining education and carrier. We suggest worship of God to achieve target with full potential, confidence and getting the force of attraction. It helps us to en-hance internal potential to achieve our goal. We can forecast/Guide on the basis of birth chart about the calibre, potential and skill.

Not knowing our inbuilt Qualities, we most of time waste our energy in different direction giving frustration.

We provide the right direction at any point of time as IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.

Marriage and Family

“Marriages are made in haven and celebrated on earth”.

Marriage is an integral part of one’s life. As it is a commitment of each other for life long, it is also the basic need of one’s to full fill own desire.  This differentiates between a civilised People/Society and the animal. Our civilised society provides us a respectable platform for  Marriage “as a sacramental or contract, a commitment between two individuals from the different families. It bound two persons (Husband and Wife) along with their family members to full fill their own requirement for contributing the society. From ancient time the people has adopted the joint family system which is now changing into nuclear System. Sometimes, inspite of trying our best, it becomes difficult to adjust between Husband & Wife due to their Planetary positions at the time of Birth as a result of which, there are fights in the family, there is no harmony in the family.

Considering that we are now in 21st Century, we need to understand how everyone’s outlook can match with each other. We provide match making on the basis of present scenario.  We work on the best compatibility. Generally ancient/earlier period the ladies are only housewife. Now the life style/expectations have changed from the earlier period. Presently, people wants a lady who is a good House Wife & who can work & earn as well.  As such the norms of match making have also changed.  At the time of match making we consider this aspect also.

We suggest worship which change from time to time to provide the best compatibility and harmony between family members/Husband/Wife.


A healthy person forms the healthy society. Healthy person accomplish his work for particular interest and the welfare of society. We are gifted by god, who provided us body, soul and mind to do our job in good faith for our society. Generally good health depends on the thought process, circumstances and surroundings. Every person needs love and affection with the parents, society and god. Generally the new born baby is with good health. It requires full activeness of each and every organ of the body which can be maintained by yoga and meditation. The modern life creates lot of tensions, negative thoughts and frustration. These things lead a person to be inactive by means of disappointment in life. This position releases the negative neurons which gives a person ill health. Consequently the person becomes diabetic, hypertensive. Worship with MANTRAs creates resonance to help person stay healthy with positive thinking which reduce the chances of illness. 

For example a bronchial problem create the resistance in breathing which leads a lot of problem in exhaling, inhaling.  This is due to the swelling in bronchial through cough and cold tendency which leads a lot of problem. The Diabetes, Hypertension, other Chronic diseases can be cured/controlled by just devoting 5-10 Minutes only per day. The MANTRAs and worship of god helps to overcome these problems.




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